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    Electronical Level Crossing System BUES 2000

    Securing the flow of traffic (track and road) is a major challenge, especially at intersections, since the requirements for the safety and availability of the technical equipment are very high.

    The level crossing control system is a component for securing of track and road crossing areas and it includes category A, B and C, which ensure security at level crossings. After older generations of level crossing systems, e.g. NFA, Lo, Fü, BÜS D and EBÜT 80, Scheidt & Bachmann developed the fully computer controlled BUES 2000 and electronically field components such as: 

    • road signals (lights points or flashing lights in red)
    • supervision signals
    • axle counter
    • train detection loops
    • barrier drives

    BUES 2000 sets new standards for railway safety. More than 3000 level crossings all over the world are controlled by BUES 2000. Also in Poland nearly 500 level crossings reinforce the extensive experience and flexibility of Scheidt & Bachmann.

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