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Life-cycle-costs optimised and sustainable

For efficient operations management, railway and infrastructure operators require optimised life-cycle costs and sustainable systems alongside favourable investment costs.

The issue of the availability of spare parts (obsolete parts) to achieve the expected periods of use for interlocking and level crossing systems has become a fundamental topic over the past years, especially in electronic systems in control and safety technology.

Scheidt & Bachmann offers long term backward compatibility of its assemblies in the area of signalling components. The continuously growing performance capacity of electronic components is used to be able to integrate function upgrades easily in the future and allow pin compatible replacement of existing assemblies.

In order to be able to turn these two aspects into reality, the corresponding strategic parameters were already created in the basic design. The system architecture of the ZSB 2000 and BUES 2000 technology is therefore based on a standardised platform strategy, which exchanges data via a standard communication bus between the internal system and the external system components. Constant functional extension and long-term operating capacity are ensured by the strict separation of hardware and software with backward compatible assemblies but ones that can be permanently developed technologically.