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Barrier drive HSM 10E

The use of the BUES 2000 as a modern, fully computer controlled level crossing system makes it possible to control tasks to be transferred directly to the particular field element. The HSM 10E (hydraulic barrier drive with modular structure for barrier lengths up to 10 metres, electronically controlled) works with its own intelligence and communicates with the BUES 2000 per data telegram via CAN bus (Controller Area- Network). Contiguous to communication via CAN-Bus interface to barrier drive is a standard interface possible. That means HSM 10E is usable for existing installations like relay based systems as well. Barrier drive HSM 10 E is maintenance free and is adaptable for several beam types (round beam, rectangle beam, edge beam...). 

Hydraulic drive unit:

  • modular structure with system parts that can be replaced on site: housing, barrier shaft, drive unit and control electronics (HSE subassembly)
  • hose-less unit in environmentally friendly compact mode of construction, the aggregate requiring no service work on the system (maintenance free)
  • intelligent control logic by the use of a microprocessor control in Euro-card format with integrated CAN interface as well as LCD display for outputting of program and error code
  • three-phase asynchronous motor as hydraulic pump drive
  • use of a frequency converter for the generating of a variable frequency rotary field from the battery voltage
  • continuous and contact less recognition of the position of the barrier beam via an inductive sensor in the piston-rod
  • hydraulic valve control via a rotary valve activated by a stepping motor
  • load-limiting of the hydraulic system through the use of a bypass valve in the pump; additional electronic overload monitoring of the current drawn by the asynchronous motor drawn by the asynchronous motor

Other features:

  • selection of different timing programmes on the drive module automatically by software or with a keypad
  • software-realised speed control to ensure slow starting up and abrasion of the barrier beam and to optimise the starting current behaviour
  • compact and reliable hydraulics condition the high efficiency of the barrier, moreover, properly balanced counterbalance and spring causes the closure of the barrier
  • in case of requested fallback closing function integrated in the rotary slide valve replaces the inserted keep-alive magnetic used so far and is checked by the software each time before the level crossing is opened
  • the programme checks the compatibility of open and close messages to exclude confusion
  • CRC, RAM and CPU test ensure safe functioning of the software
  • automatic reading in and adjusting to the input voltage
  • automatic calibration after power failure