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The quality of power supply has a directly influence to the availability of complete level crossing systems. The level crossing system BUES 2000 use 24V DC or 36 V DC. By using of modern technology could be minimised the capacity of power supply. Power reserve will be provided by battery for all elements. Switch points are controlled via inverted rectifiers. For base power and maintenance of battery is a corresponding battery charger in use. Scheidt & Bachmann continue with Digitrans II the tradition of a high functional battery charger. Compact construction, low weight, high efficiency and energy-saving measures characterise this innovative product.

Equipment conditions:

  • 1000 to 1400 watt, battery charger power at secondary side voltage of 18V, 24V, 30V, 36V or 60V.
  • Functioning according to primary cycled switch-mode power supply principle with power correction factor (135kHz cycle-frequency). Solution is a very compact construction, the low weight and high efficiency (typ. 90%).
  • The controlling of temperature-independent charging characteristic is realised by microcontroller which read in and process the voltage, current and temperature values via analogue-digital-converter.
  • The display from current-, voltage-, and temperature values as well as operation during entering of specific values are handled via white illuminated alpha-numeric LC-Display (4x20 characters).
  • Parameter inputs are handled via decimal-foil keyboard. For the easy operation internally the menus attend by arrow keys.

Other features:

  • adjustable current limiting
  • adjustable load time of gas voltage of battery
  • displaying of battery voltage also during power fail
  • power fail counter
  • temperature indication
  • power fail output via relay
  • possibility cascading more than one DIGITRANS II
  • active power factor correction in input circuit
  • two additional relays as external interface
  • external CAN-Bus connection (for diagnostic)
  • additional type 30V / 24A
  • device of 1kW class without active ventilation