The entervo service world

What goes on to make sure everything goes well

Planning and selling a parking management system means the beginning of a support phase that lasts throughout the life of the system. During normal wear and tear, malfunction and vandalism can never be completely excluded in parking companies, so even though they are of high quality, they require regular service. Preliminary and further training ensures that all staff engaged in parking service on both sides - both service providers and customers - work together to ensure maximum parking availability.

Scheidt & Bachmann has parking management systems and on-site service teams around the world: About 200 of our service professionals provide support to over 20,000 systems in over 70 countries.

In Poland we have our own technical background in projects in our country. All this is aimed at providing immediate and effective help.

Key features:

  • local service worldwide
  • highly differentiated maintenance offerings
  • effective supply and long-term secured availability of spare parts
  • 24/7 hotline out of three international locations
  • comprehensive options for remote support
  • function-specific trainings

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